Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With All About U

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With All About U

Your custom weight loss program awaits

By visiting the All About U website, you’ve taken the first step toward a happier, healthier lifestyle. Now all you have to do is create a weight loss plan and start on your fitness journey. Easy, right? It can be, with our weight loss program. Why? Because our program centers on you – your weight loss goals and starting fitness level. You won’t be following standardized guidelines. You’ll be following nutrition and fitness plans that are designed specifically for your body type and goals.

Start your weight loss journey today with a full-body scan

All About U provides you with personalized nutrition and fitness plans based on your body and your weight loss goals. We develop custom plans by analyzing data gathered with Styku.

With this professional 3-D body scan, we can:

  • Learn about you – the body scanner will extract your body measurements and calculate your fitness level. In 35 seconds, we’ll have all the data needed to create your custom fitness plan.
  • Track your progress – A body scan is more reliable than a scale or tape measure. You can’t see the small body changes that are taking place each week on the scale. But you can with Styku. We can analyze your body measurements and track changes on your fitness journey.
  • Help you reach your goals – Styku creates a full 3-D image of your body, showing waist, hip, bust and thigh measurements. We can create a weight loss plan for your exact body type, and make adjustments as progress is achieved.
Make an appointment with us today for a full-body scan. You’ll soon be on your way toward better health and fitness.